Burgie, ah yes, the drunk dad who owns everything he gets his hands on. A crippling alcoholic with a seemingly infinite amount of money. But he may or may not be a deep ass character-

Biography Edit

He's a rich dude who likes to drink and will most likely die from it.

We don't know a lot about Burgie, but from time to time he speaks about his past- but VERY vaguely. It's safe to assume there's more depth behind him than we're aware of.

First Appearance Edit

August 16th, 2016, Burgie House is uploaded, and Reginald Burgie is shown to the world for the very first time.


The description says it all really: Reginald Burgie of Burgie house has rented out his home to guests.

Michael has taken up this offer.

Hoo boy.

Basically, Michael arrives at the Burgie house and is greeted by Burgie. Then, we backtrack to before Michael gets there and Burgie gives us a tour of the house/property. This is the introduction to his personality, and it's GOOD.

After the tour, we cut back to when Michael gets there. He and Burgie talk until SURPRISE Jerry shows up to kill Michael because, rule of thumb; he's Jerry. Burgie watches, still drinking of course. Burgie throws his money at Jerry (see in gif below) and skiddoodle daddles on outta there.Jerry is consoled by Safety Dance (??) And we end off on Burgie being... Burgie.

Gif (3)

Other Appearances Edit

A Very RAWEEE Christmas

The Discussions.

The Purchase


Mexico Mayhem

The Written Reveal

Election Day

The Switching Mistake

Burgie Hotels: Crete

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